Love letters, key lime pie and Ryan Gosling

The house we’re moving to is smaller than the one we are living in now. By a whole room and then some. So I need to be ruthless. I am by no means a hoarder, but somehow I seem to have accumulated a lot of stuff.

So have those three gorgeous kids of mine!

There are perils associated with packing your house to move. You have been warned.

You know that box that has been in a cupboard since I moved in three years ago? The one I was going to sort through once I got settled? The one that’s still unopened? So here’s my dilemma: open it – and the associated can of worms – or throw it away because I haven’t looked at it for three whole years?

My box of love letters. The ghosts of boyfriends past. Of course I will keep them. I’m going to need something to read when I’m old and wrinkly. And they’re a good reminder that I have been loved wholly and solely at some point in my life. But do I really have the time in this packing and moving process (which I’m already squeezing in to all of those spare hours in my day when I’m not being a full-time mumma and working full-time) to sit and read every card and letter. Oh, and look at the photos?

Then there’s the pantry. I spy a tin of condensed milk (the 97% fat-free variety – like that’s going to make SO much difference to this little confession). In the fruit bowl lay some juicy green limes which are super ripe. Condensed milk plus juicy limes? You guessed it: key lime pie filling. But I don’t have anything to make the base with. So I’ll just mix the limes in with the condensed milk and let it set in the fridge for a little while, until I get to the store to get ingredients for the base.

Or maybe I’ll just eat it with a spoon as a snack every time I walk past the fridge when I next need to procrastinate take a break from the thought of packing. Yes, that’s a much better idea. Don’t you be judging now.

Then there’s my fingernails. Or what’s left of them. And my toenail that became the victim of a misplaced box and an ill-timed step.

I neeeeeeeeeeed me some mumma time. A mani/pedi and a movie would be nice. With a bucket of popcorn wine. And Ryan Gosling. Sitting beside me, not on the screen.

Although, I can’t promise we’ll actually be watching the movie.

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  1. kezabel says:

    I have moved 9 times in 10 years (mostly due to unreliable men, real estate agents or renos) so I absolutely empathise! You could always invite some friends, give them a box, paper (and the bucket of wine) and have a packing party! Good luck

  2. Bongo says:

    Moving is always a challenge, but it’s also a good way to clean out a lot of accumulated stuff.

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    You are going to be super busy! I do hope you get some mumma time soon – you need to re-charge your batteries!

  4. Wow! I’m tired just for reading your post!

    But I’m sure you’ll manage to go through it like the fighter you are… And I’m sure a couple of hours for taking care of yourself won’t be the end of world on your schedule… If you’d get sick you’d have to stop somehow… So, why not take the time to make yourself feel good? 🙂

    A big smoochie!


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