The communication age … we’re not there yet

It is so easy to communicate these days. In an instant. So why oh why has no-one invented the Toddler Communication app yet? Seriously!

I need to be able to load a photo to the app – or it could be hands on and just need to have Bubba holding my phone, which she loves to do anyway – and the app could decipher the meaning of this message:

Are her teeth sore?

Is she hungry?

Is she thirsty?

Is she tired?

Is she just grumpy because that’s what happens sometimes?

Is she upset with mumma because I said no to something?

Is she upset with the mutts because someone shared the ball/teddy/anything else she didn’t want them to?

Is she upset that I put her down. After she wanted up. Then screamed until I put her down again?

Is she just as frustrated as her mumma is that we seem to be unable to communicate as well as we’d like to all the time?

Like between 3 and 4:30am today. When my usually peaceful sleeper was awake and screaming. It would have been really handy to know what was wrong so I could fix it – or at least try to – and we could all have gone back to sleep much sooner.

I can see the app now being a huge hit. I know parents would pay money for it. What’s up with Bubba? – install it now for just $2.99.

Done! Where do I sign in?


My daddy would have been 74 today. It’s hard to imagine him that old, so I’ll just keep imagining him as a 47 year old guardian angel!

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  1. msmouse7 says:

    Think that app would be great — and not just for toddlers.

  2. rumpydog says:

    ya know, you don’t need an app…. this is normal for children her age. She is learning that the world is a safe place and she is learning boundaries. And This is how she learns. I know it’s hard, but what she learns from you now will follow her throughout her life. You’re doing great, so hang in there!

    1. Last night I didn’t do so great. Let’s hope she wasn’t in learning mode then!!

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    You would make a fortune with that app! 🙂

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