The writing is on the wall

Well, it’s on the chalkboard actually, but that didn’t sound the same!

Grandma gave Bubba a chalkboard for Christmas but Mumma made a rookie error on Christmas day. Deciding that (although we had tried to keep ourselves under control in relation to buying gifts for Bubba) enough was enough, we held a few gifts back – to be given to Bubba for her birthday or at other random times during the year just because.

In one of those gifts was the chalk that went with the chalkboard. So I kept the chalkboard to the side for a week or so, bought a big bucket of chalk and then decided that I’d save the unveiling until Bubba’s birthday.

She loves it!

chalkboard 3  chalkboard 2

The chalkboard is seeing a lot of action. It’s also a wonderful place to write notes to my Bubba each night before she goes to bed. From me and from the fuzzy loves.

chalkboard 4

More irrefutable evidence arose last night that Bubba’s aunty and I are related, because last night she was visiting and once Bubba went to bed, this is what happened on the chalkboard:

chalkboard 5

Who knew a little chalkboard could be so much fun for the whole family?

(Special mention to Bubba’s uncle, who drew an amazing owl on the board last night. So much talent in one little family! Ha ha.)

6 Comments Add yours

  1. A chalkboard is awesome! One of my favorite gifts when I was little…. And then I became a teacher and had chalkboard fun for 35 years!! Actually about 30 years of chalkboard fun, and 5 years of dry-erase whiteboard fun! 🙂

    1. One day we will live somewhere that is ours (as opposed to renting) and we will definitely have a chalkboard wall! So fun.

  2. rumpydog says:

    I love chalkboards, but that’s because I like to eat chalk!

    1. Oh DOG Rumpy, I hadn’t even thought about that … I wonder how much of it Bella & Beary have eaten while Bubba and I have been out of the house?!

  3. Bassa's Blog says:

    I love the chalkboard. Great idea! Did you take a picture of the amazing owl? xx

    1. No, little miss loves to wipe the board clean to start again got to the board before I got to my camera! xx

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