They’re just numbers

As with every month until she’s three (at which point I have another idea!) I took Bubba’s 24 month photos.


Don’t even get me started that my teeny tiny Bubba has hair that is long enough for plaits.

Or that she is totally able to build blocks telling me the colours of the blocks, put her puzzles together, calling out the names of the animals and making the noises they make. Roar, meow, oof oof, quack, SNAP (crocodile, complete with hand movements).

Or that she is stringing words together in groups that I mostly understand as sentences.

Just don’t. Or there might be tears.

I realised something else when I was taking her photos. If I swapped the numbers around they were my age. Not in months unfortunately. I very rarely admit to my real age, but we’re all friends here and I know you won’t tell anyone!

not 24

Anyway, they’re just numbers.

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  1. So cute! BOTH of you. What a perfect pair of pictures.

  2. jmgoyder says:

    And you are both gorgeous!

  3. You’re both adorable! And….what’s a number is right!!!!

  4. Lynn Delage says:

    I have just discovered your blog. I find it very cute and interesting but have one question. Why do you call your daughter Bubba? Where I come from bubba is a colloquialism for brother and used for boys. I live in Texas in the USA and bubba is a common nickname for men in the South. Just curious.

    1. That’s interesting! Here it’s just another term of affection. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

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