The changing of the banner

It’s time again.

46 to 50

Well, actually it’s passed time, but I only realised that when I took this month’s photo. Aside from being a great way to sort my Facebook photo albums, I love watching Love Bug changing from month to month. Knowing these photos are taken exactly a month apart {well, give or take a day or 3!}, sometimes the changes are ever so subtle, and other times they are insanely obvious. Her personality shines through in each of the photos too – from pensive to silly and everything in between.

I particularly love the last two months’ photos, as they show her relationship with Bella and Beary even more than usual.

49 50

The three of them are never far from each other – and wherever Love Bug is, one of the puppies is usually within reach.

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  1. So sweet! What a bunch of cuties.

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