Once you meet them, you can’t eat them

It’s meat free week in Australia {and I think the UK too}.

Obviously we’re vegetarian so it’s situation normal in our house … but for people who might think eating meat free is tricky, here are a few super easy recipes to get you through without eating our anipals this week. Hey, it might even inspire you to go meat free for longer than a week. A girl {and a LOT of animals} can live in hope!

Australians eat more than three times as much meat as the global average. THREE TIMES. Whaaaaaaaaaat? I mean, seriously people. It’s not like it’s all sustainably and ethically farmed either. Although more people are seeking out meat that is, thankfully.

once you meet them you can't eat them

I could stay on my soap box all day about not eating meat. But I feel like a little bit of a fraud doing that because for the first 8/9ths of my life so far I ate meat. So, I’ll clomp clomp off the soap box and instead get back to giving you some inspiration to not eat our animal buddies.

Maybe go visit an animal rescue shelter and cuddle some of the animals you’d normally eat. Because once you meat them, you can’t eat them!

Quinoa-crusted Eggplant Parmigiana

Our super easy One Pot Risotto – a favourite in our home and on high rotation with varying ingredients! As with all risotto, it’s super tasty the next day once the flavours all seep into each other.

As shared with you recently, C-Rice {a fabulous light alternative to traditional fried rice}.

Oat-free Spicy Barbecue Lentil Loaf … we made this one over the weekend and although delicious, it was ever so slightly dry, so next time I make it, I would put a little extra of the sauce in it {maybe 1/4 cup more?}. The sauce is de-licious! As with meatloaf, this loaf is also great as leftovers – lunch Sunday maybe?

Who doesn’t love a Pizza on Friday night? Try our healthier cauliflower crust version.

Not Sausage Rolls – a fun recipe for all the family to make and enjoy!

The most common question people ask me as a vegetarian is how I get enough iron. It’s easy. Here’s an iron rich fun recipe – another one for the family to get involved in! Black Bean and Spinach Enchiladas With Green Chile and Feta.

iron rich

Bon appétit!

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