Tasty Tuesday {c-rice}

Feeling the after effects of my sugar-fest that was the Christmas break, I’m putting myself back on the straight and narrow. That is, a life with less sugar, less crap, more goodness, less feeling hideous because I ate crap. One day at a time.

Last night I looked in the vegetable drawer and there was a rainbow of delicious, healthy things looking back at me. Most of which needed to be cooked and/or eaten sooner rather than later. So I made c-rice.

A couple of the boys in my office eat c-rice for lunch every day. In their case though, it’s chicken and white rice. With a sprig of coriander and some chilli. They are seemingly always hungry again not long after they’ve finished. Not so with this c-rice. And the beauty is that you can use either cauliflower or broccoli as your base {although then it would be b-rice} and add any vegetables you have to hand.

To a heavy-set pan over mid-high heat add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, minced garlic {to taste – I used 2 cloves}, minced ginger {again to taste, if you’re like me and enjoy the taste this will be a decent sized piece}, 1 teaspoon of stock powder {Massell vegetarian chicken stock for me}, and some finely diced scallion/spring onion. Pour in 1 tablespoon of Tamari, and stir to mix.  Add 1 head of chopped finely/grated or blitzed in the blender cauliflower then whatever vegetables you have. I used red capsicum, some pumpkin that I’d already steamed, baby corn, peas, some chopped cashews and after about 8 minutes added in some broccoli, a little chilli, a splash of lime juice {approximately one lime – totally optional} and another splash of Tamari.

As with most stir fried dishes, this one will be super tasty tomorrow and the next day for lunch because the flavours will have all blended. I made a big batch and will add some extra cashews on top when it comes time to eat it. Healthy lunches sorted!

Tasty Tuesday {c-rice}

My afternoon snacks are all organised too – I made a batch of chia puddings for when the mid-afternoon slump arrives. This week I used up left over cherries and added in some cacao and coconut. Cherry ripe pudding, oh yeah!





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