As thick as thieves

Bubba, Bella and Beary adore each other. No question. There are often times I find them having a quiet chat, and with much greater frequency of late Bella and Beary getting belly or head rubs from Bubba. I pat!

I have noticed lately too that my little thick as thieves creatures are partners in crime. And loving it. I’m going to come right out and say it though, their gang leader seems to be the 2-legged one!

Counter surfing anyone? One look at this and there’s no mystery as to why. Doesn’t explain the years she was doing it before Bubba arrived of course!

you want this? just don't tell mumma

Ball? Not sure who you are talking to or quite what you mean? Oh, you mean that one?

Well, Bubba handed it to me and the fluff just kind of fell off the outside. Oh, you put it away somewhere ‘out of reach’ after the last episode? Really mumma, you’re going to have to hide it better than that!

what ball?

Even when they’re being cheeky, they are ridonculously cute. Lucky really.

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  1. Don’tcha just hate when the fur “falls off” things?

    1. So it happens at your house too then?

  2. I grew up with both a dog and cat from babyhood and as a nearly only child (my brother left for bording school when I was 4) … they truly were my best friends! Bravo!

  3. Bongo says:

    I was jealous of Bella and Beary for all the little girl loves they get. Now I’m really jealous. Boy, do they have it made!

    1. The good thing is Bongo, they know how good they’ve got it … and Bubba always sends you love over the computer!

  4. I love that relationship! Adorable!

    1. It melts my heart a little!

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