Having another baby?

Who, me? Um … no. I am not pregnant. So, no – I am not having another baby.

Of the guesses about where we were yesterday, this was the suggestion that surprised me the most! And more than one person thought of it.

As obsessed with babies as my Bubba is right now, and as sweet a big sister as I think she’d be, unless something miraculous happens in the next year: meet someone, fall in love and my body manages to forget my age and I fall pregnant {I know I know, never say never but let’s also be a little realistic here kids!}, then Bubba will be my one and only.

Could I ask for a better one and only? I think not. To mark the passing of some more time, yesterday we finally had the photo shoot my sister and her husband gave us for Bubba’s second birthday – with our wonderful Israel. We went to a gorgeous harbourside suburb where I lived for many years and had fun on the beach in our wellies {it is autumn after all and the weather has gotten a little cooler despite the perfect clear blue sky above us}, we played chase on the wharf and cuddled under the trees in the park.

Here’s a teaser: Bubba was saying no kisses mumma. Poor mumma!

the end of the wharf

I know, right? Awesomesauce. Israel filmed us as well. I am a girl who doesn’t generally like video footage of herself, but I’m hanging out to see the it; the snippet I saw looked that good.

Maybe because Love Bug was the star? Or maybe because Israel captured  the happy, loved-up, super lucky mumma that I am!

Make sure you check back in early next week. I’ll share some more of our photos and we’ll also have a special offer for those Sydney-siders out there …

15 Comments Add yours

  1. So much fun! What a great birthday gift! This is a beautiful shot. I look forward to seeing more.

    1. I can’t wait to share them … and I’ve only seen a few of them 🙂

  2. theloverlist says:

    MJ – what an incredible pic of you and your bubba. I feel like I’m witnessing a precious moment between mother and daughter. I can’t wait to see some more pics.

    1. The few I’ve seen are amazing! Lovely to hear from you – I was thinking of you earlier this week & wondering how you’re doing. xox

      1. theloverlist says:

        Im ok. Bit quiet lately but i never miss your blog.
        We nearly lost Sonny – our furry baby – to chocolate poisoning two weeks ago. Incredibly scary but he’s getting better everyday.

      2. Oh that’s terrifying! My big Beary ate a block of it one day and the next 24 hours weren’t any fun at all. Give his fuzzy head a kiss for me!

  3. Nikki says:

    What a gorgeous photo! Awesomesauce indeed! (And I think ppl just want you to have another baby because bubba is just so incredibly ridonculous & we all love seeing you kick butt at being a phenomenal mumma!) Happy rainy weekend xox

    1. Awww, that’s lovely – thanks!

  4. jmgoyder says:

    What a fantastic photo!

  5. ceseeber says:

    Love the pink boots! What great birthday gift and memory for you both!

    1. Thanks – I’m hoping the mothers’ day fairy brings the pink Hunter ones 🙂

  6. rumpydog says:

    Wow! That’s a fantastic shot!

    1. He’s such a great photographer. We spent an hour playing and didn’t pose once – he has the ability to capture the very essence of his subjects. So clever!

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