Life is the occasion

I am so happy to share my gorgeous photos, and an AWESOMESAUCE special for you 

A friend asked of our photos from last week’s shoot: what was the occasion? My answer: life is the occasion. Why do I do it? Why do I not just frame my happy snaps? Why do I pay to have professional photographs taken every 6 to 12 months? Why is it important to me?

This is why.

the two of us 

Being a single mumma, there are lots of photos of Bubba, and of my fuzzy loves. There are a few selfies {our Thelma & Louise photos} of two of the four of us, sometimes three, rarely all four – unless you count a snout or tail disappearing out of frame that is! I laughed at a selfie I took last week – on the wall behind us are framed photos Israel has taken in the past few years.

I’m getting to why, I promise!

I want to be in the moment, experience the moment, feel the moment, laugh, love and live in the moment. Each and every moment. And have someone else worry about whether we’re all in frame.

I waited so long to have a family of my own. To say my path to motherhood and family is different from what I had envisaged is an understatement. But my expectation of motherhood has been blown out of the water. It is utterly beyond. As you can see by looking at our photos. I look exactly the loved-up, lucky mumma that I am.

Happier than in my wildest dreams.

When I’m old {and not grey}, I will look at the collection of photos hanging on a wall at home. A snippet of my life before Bubba, and my incredible life with Bubba, Bella and Beary. They’re for us. They’re for me. They’re for her. They’re for my grandchildren {I hope, no pressure though Love Bug}!

If I hadn’t met Israel nearly five years ago, when he photographed Bubba’s Fairy God Mother’s wedding and I was in the bridal party, would I still have photos taken? Probably, but I’m not sure I would ever have met a photographer who fits so well into our family. Who makes everyone feel at ease. Who blends in and you forget he’s taking photos. Even if it’s just the two of you in a room.

So far he’s photographed me: as FGM’s bridesmaid; at my 40th birthday; the day of my 19 week ultrasound when I found out Bubba was a girl; the dogs and I for a fundraising book for the Children’s Hospital; me and my Bump a couple of weeks before she was born; moments after we came from the delivery room at the hospital; at home when Bubba was 6 weeks; at my sister’s wedding; the four of us for the second fundraising book for the Children’s hospital; Bubba’s first and second birthdays; and last week. He’s also photographed my cousin’s 30th and another cousin’s wedding. And for her 70th birthday we gave our Aunty a session with us kids. Phew.

Some of them are events you’d expect to be photographed professionally, some are just because. I take the importance of capturing these moments pretty seriously. Apparently!

Want in?

If you’re lucky enough to live in Australia, more particularly in or around Sydney then you too can have the awesome Israel Smith – amazing photographer and all round nice guy – take photos of you and your loved ones {two legs, four legs, fuzzy and non}. Don’t keep saying ‘one day I’d love to do that’. Today is your day. Your lucky day actually: Israel has put together a PHENOMENAL special, just for readers of our little blog!

You’re welcome, but you can thank me later. When you’re ooohing and aaahing over the photos he’s taken that you’ll treasure for always.

Even if you don’t live in Australia, the link will take you to some more of the beautiful photos Is took of Bubba and me last week. I can’t wait to see the rest of them!

{Edit: Although in this post I mentioned it, the photo shoot featured in today’s post was part of our gift for Bubba’s second birthday from my Little Sister and Little Brother {aka Bubba’s one and only Aunty and Uncle}; as was her first birthday photo shoot. They know how much their gift means to us. And how much they mean to us too! We love you guys.}

11 Comments Add yours

  1. rumpydog says:

    What amazing pics! I’m glad you chose to go pro!

  2. Life is an important occasion – worthy of a photo shoot. The pictures are great – partly because of Israel’s talent, partly because of the happiness radiating through the screen, and partly because of the outfits you selected. Super-cute!

    1. I’m glad you can see our happiness. And that you appreciate our cute outfits too! x

  3. Nikki says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Israel captures such a precious moment .. really breathtaking, you gals look fabulous!

  4. Nikki says:

    I just saw the other photos on Israels web page .. The love between you & Poppy is so palpable in each of those photos that it bring a tear to my eyes, I can absolutely see why you’d invest in professional photos. I shall pass this deal on to my girlfriends who have recently had bubbas & would probably absolutely love to have a similar experience .. thank you! Israel is incredible. Those photos are priceless.

    1. He is amazing. We’re so glad to have met him! And he us 😉

  5. tric says:

    You are a mom and you own white clothes!!! Lovely pictures.

    1. I am a mad crazy washing mumma!

  6. israelpsmith says:

    Thanks everyone for your heartfelt and generous comments – it means the absolute world to me to know my work is so well appreciated and enjoyed by you all. I had actually forgotten just how many times I’d been involved in photographing MJ & bubba, but it is never work – they are family to me. Warmth and love to you all … and see you soon through my lens! xoxo

  7. Just wonderful, great photographer 🙂

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