Raising her eyebrows

Facial expressions.

Other than those which come naturally, Bubba has recently begun to make exaggerated facial expressions. Quite often she will call me before she does so she has an audience.

It is hilarious – that child of mine is such good value!

raising your eyebrows

Raising her eyebrows is something she’s trying to get the knack of at the moment, but all she does is open her eyes really wide and move her head up and down. You can watch her attempting it here. You know, because you need a giggle for your Tuesday morning {or Monday night}.

The flick of her hair is kinda cute too. That’s her mimicking me, because when I show her how I raise my eyebrows, I hold my fringe {bangs} aside so she can see my eyebrows moving, and when I’m done I obviously flick my hair back in to place. Which I was unaware of. Until now that is.

Try not to smile … I double dare you!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Ha that is so cute! I love when little ones try wiggling the eyebrows 😉

  2. Bec J says:

    Oh that’s too cute, when my little one wakes up from her nap i’m going to get her to try it. So so cute!!!

      1. Bec J says:

        No she just stared at me like i was crazy hahaha i’ll keep at it.

  3. Sweet! And one more reason to watch what you say and do. It’s being memorized and mimicked.

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