When dogs sigh

Depending on your vintage {and your musical inclination} the title of today’s post may spark something in your brain which reminds you of When Doves Cry. Or maybe that’s just me? If I’m not alone however, and you’ve gone with me making that connection, you may also have found that your quick visit to YouTube to find a link for the song ended up as a trip down 80s music memory amnesia lane. Resulting in a new playlist. But only if you’re tangential like me I guess.

My point? I’m getting there. Patience grasshopper.

I was having a conversation with my boss yesterday about when dogs sigh. He has a dalmatian who had a pretty scary experience earlier this week and is very lucky to be alive right now. She’s not better yet, but she’s headed in the right direction. He was telling me about how she sighs when she’s not comfortable. Beary does it too. He also sighs when he’s very contented, while he’s having cuddles, and occasionally when he’s not overly impressed by the situation.

I thought this may be a malamute character trait, so much so that I posed the question to the Twitterverse a few weeks ago. Apparently it’s just some dogs. Bella rarely sighs, but she {on the whole} is a little quieter than Beary.

Today’s alternative post title was Fuzzy Friday because I wanted to share a few of my favourite recent photos of my fuzzy loves {and of course one of my divine fuzzy nephew Barker}.

 bella - not impressed with her bath bella & jacko - firm friends bookends barker - beach walk beary - then this happened beary - so handsome after the groomer beary - cuddles with my favourite boy beary - paw love 

Happy Fuzzy Friday … and good luck ridding yourself of the Prince earworm!

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Great pictures. I love the paw pad! Sweet. Cupcake sighs sometimes when she’s getting ready to fall asleep.

    1. I’m doing a photo a day challenge and one of the prompts earlier this week was shape: Beary’s paw pad was my shape 🙂

  2. Paws to Talk says:

    Wonderful post! What fantastic doggies! Woof! Woof!
    -Bella and DiDi

    1. All doggies are fantastic – I’m just lucky these ones chose me as their family!

  3. Dalton says:

    Typists dog sigh – however her collie also burps in her face (A less attractive trate!)

    1. Beary does that too! Lovely mutts 🙂

  4. Great photos, love the paw. I will have to pay attention to see who sighs. Riva and Maia both snore, Riva sounds like a freight train at times…lol

    1. Bella is the snorer in our house 🙂

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