Being prepared. Or not.

When we were kids, our mum thought we should be prepared for any outcome life may throw at us. We could be found occasionally having dinner with our eyes closed, knowing that our potatoes were at 12 o’clock, carrots at 2, peas at 9, and so forth. I’m fairly sure I didn’t know where 9 o’clock was for a long time!

Bubba spent Wednesday with grandma. They went to a special baby proms music event at the Opera House. Had lunch sitting on the forecourt with the Harbour Bridge. Had coffee. The photos looked like fun. I was at work.

Mum rang me to tell me that they were having such a wonderful time that Bubba had gone to bed later than usual for her middle of the day sleep. That she’d call me a little later to let me know if Love Bug was awake … or if she would maybe need to sleep over. I just want to say: I’m on to you grandma! Of course, I’m being cheeky. I think it’s wonderful that she wants to spend so much time with her lovely granddaughter.

I should have taken the opportunity to go to the movies or something, instead I went home, did a couple of loads of washing, did the floors, and did some work.

And I missed my Bubba. A lot. Yes, I may just be a sooky mumma. I usually miss her when she’s not with me, but this was a night I hadn’t prepared myself to be without her. Being prepared is key!

Lucky for me I have two divine fuzzy loves to give me lots of cuddles. And I’ve left a message on her chalkboard for when she gets home.

i miss my love bug

You know, just in case she’s not sure.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Sage says:

    And time with Grandma is very precious to Bubba. I know she loved your message when she got home!

  2. I hope Bella and Beary did their jobs!

    Extra loves and licks, just in case,

  3. Love the chalkboard! Sometimes, those household activities are what your mind needs to be distracted enough to not focus on missing your little gal. I’m sure Bella and Beary enjoyed all the extra loves while she was gone though 🙂

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