New song mumma?

A combination of her night cough and resulting morning exhaustion, and a drop in temperatures saw me dressing Bubba yesterday while she lay in her still warm cot. I still sleepy mumma. Me too Bubba, me too.

I put woolly tights on her and a couple of layers of clothing, all the while chatting with her. When we talked about the weather being cold, I started singing Baby it’s cold outside.

She looked at me, head tilted {is she taking lessons from Beary?}: new song mumma?

She cracks me up. Seriously.

Which reminds me of a story grandma told me a couple of days ago. They had been at the playground and Love Bug was driving a little car. Apparently another child drove another car up behind hers. And he got a little too close for her liking.

get out of my boot

Get out of my boot! When mum asked her what she’d said, she added: please. Not sure where she learnt that from {ahem!}, little back seat driver.

At least she’s polite.

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  1. Speaking up politely is a good skill to have. I’m pretty sure it’s too early for full blown road rage while you’re toddling around in a CozyCoup. So cute!!

  2. Dalton says:

    BOL that’s brilliant!!!

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