Too funny not to share

Our Mother’s Day started with Bubba in my bed at midnight. Her winter cough is back. Any of you who were with us last winter will know how stressful that was for all concerned. She was coughing so much last night that when I went in to her just after I got home from Fairy God Mother’s birthday drinks, she asked to come to my bed. For only the second time. Ever.

finally napping

This is where she finally had a nap. And by nap I’m probably being generous. More a microsleep a little after midnight. Apparently before I had a chance to take my makeup off. I normally look a little more disheveled at that time because, well, because everyone who isn’t a daytime soapie star does! 

I’d like to say she then slept peacefully until 10am. But she didn’t. She coughed. A lot. She went back to her own bed in the hope we could both get a little sleep. I spent a lot of time bounding from my bed to her side holding her upright to stop her coughing.

All of that equals not much sleep. For either of us. Our day started at our usual very early time. We went out for breakfast with grandma and my sister which was lovely. But then sleep deprivation set in. For both of us.

After her daytime sleep she was much brighter. My eyes were hanging out of my head. But we managed to have a lovely afternoon together despite my utter exhaustion. Bubba had been saying happy mother’s day mumma all day. I figured I should video it for prosperity.

And this happened.

What about who? Funny funny kid! You’re not a mumma and won’t be for quite some time yet. 

But you are the centre of my world, and it is all about you. Even if you got more excited that Guess How Much I Love You was on than trying for happy mother’s day mumma again, and scooted off squealing just that.

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  1. Ahh! That’s adorable! Happy Mother’s Day, Poppy. (Sure! Why not?) And Mumma. And Grandma!

    1. If she wasn’t here I wouldn’t have mother’s day, so she may have a point!

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