Bubba the {future} Vet

I noticed Bella’s elbow was bleeding tonight; a little more than normal, but not enough to warrant a trip to the vet.

She loves to lay on the floor flat out {we call it froggie doggie in our home}. She’s done that since we became family when she was 3 months old. But it means her 8 year old elbows are worn and occasionally bleed.

Bella sick mumma! It’s just a little sore Bubba, she’ll be okay, but maybe we’ll put some cream on it and wrap a bandage around it for a little while so that the cream can work without Bella licking it off.

I got a bandage and some cream. Beary was glued between Bella and Bubba looking a little concerned. She okay Bear Bear. {Makes me think she does really love him!}

Before you look at the photos below, you should know that Bubba has never seen a bandage, let alone watched one be applied to a wound of any kind.

bubba the vet 1 bubba the vet 2 bubba the vet 3

She’s a natural, right down to nurturing conversation during the procedure, the way she held Bella’s paw with one hand and wrapped the bandage with the other, and then she held it firm to check it once I’d tucked the end in.

Maybe we are looking at Bubba the {future} Vet.

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  1. Not surprising. I always thought she’d grow up to be a vet! She’s perfect for the job!

  2. Dalton says:

    If all vets were as cute as Bubba I don’t think us dogs would worry about going to them so much!!

    1. She gives out loves in her vet role too! Wait until Bongo realises that 😉

  3. rumpydog says:

    Awwwww…. Nurse Bubba!

  4. She’s picking up those nurturing skills from her momma!

  5. Awww a vet in training! She must have learned those bedside manners from her awesome mommy! I’m sure she really does love Beary, even if she says otherwise. Hopefully it’s just something that she’ll grow out of in the days and months to come.

  6. Sage says:

    Doesn’t it just amaze you what she has learned and then can put into practice?

    1. I was astounded. She’s ever seen me wrap a bandage! Clever little poppets.

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