More cake: happy birthday grandma!

Today is grandma’s birthday!

Lucky grandma is an early riser because she was no doubt woken by Love Bug chatting happily. She stayed with grandma last night, while mumma tried to break the world coughing record get a good nights’ sleep.

Before she slept soundly coughed all night, mumma got her Martha on and made sweet potato, parsnip, sage and pea risotto, a vanilla bean cake and salted caramel sauce to pour warm over the cake at family dinner to celebrate grandma’s birthday.

salted caramel sauce

Then we’ll light a candle and Bubba will sing – she’s been practicing.

Happy birthday grandma!

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  1. Sage says:

    Happy birthday, Grandma!!

  2. What a fun birthday! You can accompany the adorable singing with your coughing. You’ll be the percussion section!

  3. Bassa's Blog says:

    So mumma got her Martha on? Very funny 🙂

    1. Mumma’s secret middle name is Martha!

      1. Bassa's Blog says:

        I thought it was a reference to the multi-talented Martha Stewart! 🙂

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