LOST: one fluffy friend with long floppy ears

Oh no! We lost Easter Rabbit.

Since he hopped into our lives at Easter, this floppy eared rabbit {who is probably actually a hare given the colour of him and his long floppy ears!} has become a constant companion. As I scrolled through the photos on my phone looking for one to accompany this post, I realised just how constant a companion. He is in every other photo. And has already featured in four posts in his short life!

  love bug & her easter rabbit easter rabbit

It needs to be said that even though this happened while Bubba was with grandma, we don’t blame grandma. It could have happened to any of us. Grandma and Bubba had been on such a small walk when they realised he was gone. They retraced their steps and asked everyone, but no Easter Rabbit. Maybe he is just having an adventure and will come bouncing into our lives again in the next couple of days.

Judging by the comments and messages I got after I posted our lost notice on Facebook, it is something parents fear above a lot of other things. Some quick research by a non-parent friend {who tells me studying his MBA has really honed his research skills!} found me a couple of online stores stocking cousins of Easter Rabbit. A few clicks later and a couple of extra dollars for express delivery, and they are on their way to us.

But they weren’t going to be home when we got there tonight. So I did what any mumma in my situation would do: I made sure Easter Rabbit sent Love Bug a letter. As she usually does, she checked the post as soon as we got home. This letter was in an envelope addressed to her, with the return address of Easter Rabbit, c/- Little Nutbrown Hare, the sunny meadow.

easter rabbit's letter

I can’t help but feel sad for Easter Rabbit. I wish loveys had microchips like pets do so that they could find their way back home. I know, I know … but I can’t help be devastated for him. Because I know that no love for him could ever be what Bubba’s is.

I hope he finds a home and a warm bed and a pair of little arms to wrap around him and eyes that light up when they see him. What I really hope is that he finds his way back to us somehow. Oh, and I hope they help him hop too.

I wonder if Easter Rabbit’s cousins who are on their way to us realise just how lucky they are?

* * * * *

Post script: So we get home tonight and the Rabbits have arrived. But in my haste to order them yesterday, I chose the little ones, not the Easter Rabbit size. So I had to introduce them as Easter Rabbit’s little brother and little sister. Her reaction was priceless and she’s now asleep with one tucked under each arm. Looks like I’m still on the lookout for Easter Rabbit!

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  1. Claire says:

    You do so many lovely thoughtful things for Bubba – the note was a really cute idea.
    Just wanted to drop in & recommend a cute book to you – my 3 year old daughter chose one at the library called ‘I Will Kiss You’ by Stoo Hample, & we read it last night for bedtime. It’s essentially about a Mumma rabbit giving her baby rabbit kisses all over the place, anyway it somehow reminded me of your blog & the beautiful relationship you & your daughter seem to share. I hope you’ll track it down & check it out, it’s a lovely one. All the best 🙂

    1. Thank you – we love a book recommendation! I’ll get grandma on the search for it. I feel so bad for Easter Rabbit, but am hoping his cousins may be on our doorstep when we get home 🙂

  2. tric says:

    Best of luck with the replacement. We lost “baxter” over twenty years ago and my daughter still says she misses him!

  3. 2browndawgs says:

    Oh no. Glad for the little brother and sisters.

    1. Exactly! Easter Rabbit seems to have extended his holiday with Little Nutbrown Hare 🙂

  4. Dalton says:

    OMG you are just like typist – throughout the entire post her thought was, but what about poor easter rabbit what if he is alone and scared!

    1. Don’t even say that. I am SO devastated for Easter Rabbit and I miss him and an worried he’s alone and cold and frightened.

      1. Dalton says:

        I am sure he is somewhere being loved and cuddled!!

  5. Sage says:

    What a great Mum you are! I loved the letter from Easter Rabbit…such a thoughtful way to make Poppy happy.

  6. Bassa's Blog says:

    Great idea to do a letter!

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