In our little world

Today we looked at houses again. It seems they are all teeny tiny, or don’t have baths, or both.

One we looked at was literally next door to some really good friends, so that would have been lovely … Bubba was pretty happy with the postage stamp sized patch of grass in the back garden, and I would have been pretty happy with the potential wine parties in our pyjamas with our neighbours. Alas, the lounge/dining space was about the size of my dining table, and there was no bath.

Another house we looked at was a teeny tiny weatherboard cottage. And I mean teeny tiny. But it had a good feeling to it, was pet friendly, was a 3 house walk from a park – so the fact that it had a postage stamp sized back area {with no grass} wouldn’t have mattered too much. Storage might have been an issue, but one of the teeny areas was a little sunroom/office with an inbuilt day bed, so we may have been able to find a work around. If I could get over my fear of living in an old timber house and what if a fire broke out?

So I’m not sure we’re anywhere closer to finding a house to live in. The up side is that my little Love Bug seems to like open houses just as much as her mumma. Oooh this good mumma; no bath again? broken; so fun {the patch of grass}; bit small? She had one real estate agent in fits of laughter. If only she was as happy to get in and out of the car it may have been a little more fun.

Tonight when I put her to bed in her cot, she asked me {for the second night in a row} if I’d tuck in? So I climbed into her cot with her, snuggled up and breathed her in.

In that moment, in our little world, in a cot, I thought to myself that I’d happily live in a space that small as long as she was sharing it with me.

in our little world

And there was room for our puppies!

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  1. House hunting is stressful, but exciting. I’ve never heard of a house with no bath. How is that possible?

    1. Crazy, huh? More don’t than do that we’ve looked at!

  2. Pensx says:

    You don’t need a bath – just use ours!! Wine parties! Poppy gets a little sister! Come onnnnnnnnnnn…

    1. I was having thoughts of being able to go running again with Beary knowing you were right next door too … or you and I drinking wine while B takes Beary for a run 😉

  3. tric says:

    I love how you finished this post, “and breathed her in”. Best of luck in your search. I hope someday you just walk in somewhere and know, this is it.

    1. I’m a big believer in gut feeling, so I’m sure it will happen that way. I breathe her in all the time! The scent of my bubba – and the paws of my pups – are my favourite scents 🙂

  4. dogdaz says:

    House hunting is such a hard thing. It is hard to know what is exactly right, but if you have the time, take it, to make the right choice. Having no bath may be a big down side with Bubba and also a bunch of dogs that occasionally might need a cleaning. The right space will happen. I loved ‘tucking in’ with Peanut when she was little like that. And though everyone told me it was a bad thing, I would fall asleep, usually before she did, and wake a few hours later and go to my bed. She is a fine independent adult, so obviously it does not scar her… much. Sounds like you have a perfect little house hunting partner to help you. When looking at homes, I sit in the middle of the empty space and try to imagine myself living there. Maybe that will help. – Lorian

    1. I do just the same: imagining us all in the space. Having an open living/dining space is really important so we’re not all in separate rooms, so I’ll keep looking for that. Like you, I can’t imagine how tucking in snuggled up to your bubba could be a bad thing for either of us. As always, I appreciate your support!

  5. Penny says:

    What a delightful post. (Loving reading yours but just can’t get into the swing of tending to my own lol). Speaking of teeny tiny…How tall are you that you fit into a cot Thumbelina?? 🙂

    1. Ha ha – I’m a little under 5’7″ … my legs are curled up with hers so I can fit!

  6. Just so you know… We don’t have a bath in our current house.. we are buying again, renovating LONG story but my miss 3 LOVES to bath in the laundry tub 🙂

    1. Bubba bathed in the laundry tub until she was 14 months. If I could find a house with a laundry tub I’d consider it!

      1. Oh no! No Laundry tub! either or is an absolute MUST!

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