I back a minute, okay?

Bubba has started this very cute thing: she tells me where she’s going and when she’s going to be back. I suppose I must tell her when I’m walking out of her sight where I’m going.

I getting Easter Rabbit she lets me know as she heads off up the hallway. Then she’ll poke her head back around the corner. I back a minute, okay? or I back a minute, yes?

i back in a minute okay

As I happened to have my phone in my hand when she did it this afternoon, I caught it. Yes, she’s in her pyjamas. It’s 3pm. She’s had a temperature between 38 and 40 all weekend. Poor little love.

As I thought about it this afternoon, I realised how much I’d like to take a break from my life right now. Not permanently, obviously. But I’d like a break from being on for 16 hours of each day. I’m working or I’m commuting or cooking or writing or cleaning or washing or folding or just trying to stay upright and not fall over.

I feel like I am constantly behind. With everything. Being a mumma. Being good dog family. Cleaning. Working. Bill paying. Writing. Washing. Folding. You know, all of the little things.

For my blogging buddies out there {assuming we are still buddies!} I’m still trying to read as many blogs as I can every day, even if I don’t comment – although I fear I may have missed a thing or two. But I’m going to stop beating myself up about trying to read my backlog. I’m just going to start again and try to keep up moving forward.

So I’d like a break. I’d like to be able to afford a cleaner. And someone to pack us up and move us and unpack us at the other end. While I laze about on an island somewhere. Or just spend that time catching up with friends. Or just sleep.

I back a minute, okay?

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  1. If I get behind on reading, I NEVER try to catch up. I start fresh that day and delete all the ones I didn’t have time for. I mostly follow by email if I can, so anything that says, “yesterday” goes, and boom, I’m all caught up!

    1. I can’t imagine you ever getting behind 🙂

  2. I’m with Genevieve on the following thing. Sometimes that’s the only way to catch up. I LOVE Bubba and her cuteness and I really liked the way you tied her sweet reminders to your own wish to take off for a little while!

  3. rumpydog says:

    Me too! I STAY behind!

    1. Lucky there are so many cute fuzzy behinds in your house 😉

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