Will you be my friend?

In a nice universal twist, there’s a pussy cat in our neighbourhood who seems to have taken a liking to Bubba.

Three evenings this week she’s been near our house when we’ve arrived home from our days. Is she waiting for Bubba? I don’t know. I don’t know enough about cats but I have heard some of them behave like dogs and this one is definitely showing some dog-like characteristics.

will you be my friend 1 will you be my friend 2

She’s quite a pretty little thing, mostly grey with tinges of orange. She is like the cat equivalent of Beary – all up in your face and talking a lot as soon as you get home.

These photos aren’t the best quality because it’s dark, I’m trying to not scare the pussy cat away by exposing her to Beary’s booming aroos, and I am also ensuring she stays out the front … she nearly made it through the front door the other night!

Once we’re inside, she either sits on our neighbours front fence, or in our front courtyard, and meows until she’s sure we’re not coming out again.

will you be my friend 3 will you be my friend 4

It’s like she’s asking Love Bug: Will you be my friend? And the answer is a firm YES!

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  1. Classic signs of your family being adopted by a cat. Chuckling, as this cat must be short of a few brain cells … she has fallen in love with your family even though it encompasses two large dogs and, heaven forbid, a two-year old human! I espy a collar and what looks like a Council Tag. To have a Council Tag in Victoria your cat must also be microchipped – not sure if that rule applies in NSW. Check out http://www.wherepetsarefound.com/ – your cat might be listed there xxx’s. Good luck!

  2. Great post and OMGosh!!! Bubba!!!! You are growing up so fast…. wow!

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