Bella come, I make you cup of tea

We were on the couch last night just before Bubba’s bed time.

Well, Beary and I were on the couch. Bella was snoozing on my bed. Bubba was settling Cat in to a lovely bed on the cushions on the floor with a blanket.

She looked up at me. I make you a cup of tea mumma? nodding her head yes as she asked. How could I refuse such a sweet offer? Sure Love Bug, that would be great.

So she made me a cup of tea with her pink tea set. It was the best cup of tea ever. She then made one for herself and for Beary. which she held up to his snout and {bless him} he licked the inside of the pink plastic tea cup as if to play along.

Then Bubba looked at me as if something was missing. Her eyes opened wide. Bella! Where is she mumma? I think she’s asleep on my bed. I go check, back a minute. At which point she went to the bottom of the stairs and called.

Bella come, I make you cup of tea.

A sleepy moment later, Bella flopped onto the cushions with Cat and Bubba fed her a lovely cup of tea.

bella come

Aren’t Beary, Bella and I totally spoilt?

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  1. Adorable. I know people sometimes go along to get along, but it is a rare doggie who will play along! Sweet.

  2. Dalton says:

    That is so lovely!

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