Really sore

Poor Bubba. She’s had a temperature on and off for days. She’s coughing like an old man who has smoked a pack a day for 50 years. And she’s got a river of snot flowing from her nose.

Sorry, hope you weren’t eating while reading today’s post.

Saturday morning we were about to leave the house to meet some girlfriends for coffee then look at a couple of houses. Until I looked into her watery eyes, touched her once again burning up forehead, and heard these little words escape in a croaky voice.

My ear sore mumma. Really sore.

Off to the doctor for us. Confirmation of a rotten ear infection. Weekend plans cancelled, antibiotics for her ear and home to the couch for us.

really hurts

That sounds really relaxing, but any parent of a sick toddler will tell you otherwise.

Mumma is exhaust-piped!

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  1. Ear ache. Worrisome. It does not make for a fun weekend. 😦

  2. Bongo says:

    Poor Bubba. My person and I are praying for her to get better real soon. She’s got to get better so I can have some more little girl loves.

    1. Bongo, that’s one of the awesome side effects of Bubba being unwell – she’s all about the loves!

  3. Bassa's Blog says:

    I hope Bubba feels better very soon. The picture of her is beautiful xx

  4. Dalton says:

    Hope she is feeling better soon!

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