Because your taste buds are on the top of your tongue

When I was a kid, there was a television ad and the jingle went something like turn your bread upside down because the taste buds are on the top of your tongue. It came zipping through the decades and into my mind last night.

Love Bug, who had been spectacularly sick as I was carrying her in from kindy last night {I noted on Facebook that I should probably be grateful she waited until we were out of the car}, was finally trying to eat, having spent a good hour tucked up on the couch in fresh pyjamas, with Cat, Easter Rabbit, Baby and a pile of books, taking very tentative sips of water.

I’ll make her some toast! Toast fixes everything – in my humble opinion – and is the one thing I can generally eat if I’m feeling ill. So I made her some toast with a tiny bit of organic honey on it. I cut it into soldiers, put it on her Love Bug plate and sat down beside her to share it with her. At first she wasn’t too keen, but after me taking a few bites, she had a tentative nibble. Then a bite. Then she held her own piece of toast. Now we were getting somewhere {and I was hoping she’d keep it in}.

At one point she put the toast in her mouth upside down {topping on the bottom}. I’m sure it was by accident the first time, but it was the discovery of how much better the toast tasted when the honey made direct impact with the taste buds on the top of her tongue that meant subsequent bites were also given the upside down treatment.

She looked up at me as she contemplated the second toast soldier. This way? she asked, eyes sparkling with her perceived mischievousness of eating your food the ‘wrong’ way. Sure I responded. It’s very yummy mumma. You try?

this way yummy

How could I resist?

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  1. Dalton says:

    Hope she’s feeling better now?

    1. She is almost back to her completely bubbly lovely self!

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