Oh yes she does

In the midst of Saturday’s projectile vomiting, another tip to the doctor, another ear infection, more antibiotics, staying with grandma {thank you grandma} so mumma could dash out and look at overpriced and underwhelming rental properties, there was a moment of supreme cuteness.

As I dressed Bubba on her makeshift bed on my bathroom floor – the things a mumma will do just so she can have a 2 minute shower I tell you! – I pulled her onesie over her head. On the front of it is written ‘I {heart} my auntie’. It’s a Gap onesie that I bought years ago and is almost too small for her. But it’s so cute {even if I spell Aunty with a y at the end}.

Without prompting, Little Miss So Unwell I Can Barely Hold Myself Up found her smile again. I love my aunty! Then she proceeded to name her aunty, mumma and one of my aunties.

I love my aunty

I love my Aunty!

Oh yes she does.

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  1. Overflowing with love! So sweet. I hope the antibiotics get to work quickly.

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