I know I shouldn’t encourage them, but …

Bubba was finished her breakfast. At the moment she either can’t get enough food in, or isn’t interested at all. I asked her to put her plate on the bench like she usually does and then I turned my back for 5 seconds. That’s when I heard a quiet whisper: here you go buddy. So I turned around.


Busted! And they know it too. Who, us? Don’t know what you’re talking about!


What are they like? Beary sitting up on the couch like the king of the world being spoon fed Weetbix with warm milk. Some dogs do it tough don’t they?

I probably  should have removed the plate at that instant, instead I switched from photo to filming on my phone. I know I shouldn’t encourage them, but check out how ridiculously cute this is!

{Before anyone gets too concerned, when I said I turned my back, I was still in the same room. No matter how good the three of them are with boundaries and food – and continuous practice around these, I would never leave them alone together where food is involved.}

Don’t you love that I tried to assert some vague authority at the end of the video, laughing as I said it?

One day we’re going to have to find someone to be the responsible grown up in this house. Apparently I’m not really cut out for it!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks like the monkeys are in charge of the zoo over there, Mumma! But who could resist that giggle??

  2. rumpydog says:

    *giggles* Can I come over at mealtime?

    1. any day you’d like Rumpy!

  3. That makes two of us then, I would do the same thing, lol. 🙂

  4. Solo Mum says:

    Lucky pups! It looks like they respect bubba too which is great, especially where food is concerned!

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