Where do I even begin?

What a day my darling Love Bug had yesterday!

She had her first ever blood test. Given that her mumma is a total chicken when it comes to needles {even knowing that those needles will eventually hopefully bless her with a precious Bubba} I was prepared for the worst. From me that is. I needed to give myself a pep talk prior: Remember you’re the mumma. Be brave. Don’t squeal eeeeiiiwwww I HATE needles. And maybe don’t faint either.

Bubba had special stickers on her arms for an hour before {to numb the area}.

We talked about what they were going to do with the needle and that they were going to take out her blood using a really skinny bendy straw so our doctor can see what colour it is and make sure it’s the right colour. We were having guesses about what colour it would be. Given her penchant for all things pink, I will admit to still being surprised that the little vials didn’t fill up with pink liquid!

The two nurses – who were really lovely with her – took ages to find her little vein, all the while she sat on my lap, snuggled in with my arms wrapped tightly around her. Once they decided on her left arm and wrapped the dinosaur tourniquet around her, the grip she had on my left hand with her right tightened. Arnie would have had trouble ungripping us!

Other than that one sign, she showed no outward signs of any stress. Not a peep, not a cry,  not a yelp, nothing other than quiet interest. And it’s red mumma! at the appropriate time. So proud. She got a special plaster, a sticker to say she’d had a blood test, and a certificate of bravery. When I mentioned that I’d never had one of those certificates, the nurse looked at me with a funny look and said but you have to be brave to get one! Maybe the terror was etched on my face the whole time. Or maybe it was that I turned my head away the second the blood started to draw?

where do i begin 1  where do i begin 2

We went for a hot chocolate after and she charmed the older Italian men at the next table {who I’m sure were family men if you get my drift?} and the cute Italian waiter. Completely!

Pretty good day so far, huh? Well, it gets better.

She whistled!!! For the first time. It took us both by surprise and we fell about laughing. She’s been trying to whistle for ages but nothing happens other than she blows like she’s blowing candles out. Last night we were singing silly songs while I prepared dinner and I whistled. And so did she. Go Bubba!

But what happened at bed time nearly blew my tiny little mind.


Yes, you did read that correctly. She read me a book.

As in she turned page by page and got almost every word right! I know she knows it by heart because we read it all the time, but I am still SO immensely proud. Almost as proud as she was of herself! And the best bit? The book is called I love my mummy. We were even smiling about it and talking about it still this morning. It was that good.

As I wrote on Facebook last night:

Becoming a mumma? BEST. DECISION. EVER.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. theloverlist says:

    What a day indeed. Lots of ‘firsts’. Lots of smiles. Lots of laughs. And tonnes of proud-ness no doubt!

  2. dogdaz says:

    What a day you both had. You have one smart little cookie there. Best decision ever, for sure!

  3. Super-fun day. And night!! “Reading” from memory is a great pre-reading skill.So exciting!

  4. rumpydog says:

    Bubba! I never get stickers for bravery either, and I.m Bat Dog!

      1. rumpydog says:

        na na na na na na na na Bat Dog!

      2. I can picture you doing zoomies in time to the tune too 🙂

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