Then this happened …

We were having a lovely evening {which made me feel like such a mean mumma for posting this yesterday!} and it was pre-bed story time. Love Bug and I were on my bed, Bella and Beary were on the floor. It was quite warm yesterday so the cool floorboards were probably the right place for fuzzy loves to be.

ah, the love

Mid-story Beary coughed. Then this happened …

Bubba put her hand out to touch the book and stop me reading. She sat up and peered over the edge of the bed.

You okay Buddy? Go away cough.

Mumma give you some medicine?

At which point he jumped up on the bed and she reached for him.

Awwwwww my Bear Bear.

*cue: Melting of mumma’s heart – totes adorbs!

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  1. The ups and the downs. And the ups! What a sweetie.

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