Friday Funny

Bubba and I bought some big girl undies yesterday. This is a huge deal. Like, really BIG! Although we’ve had a potty for a few months, and she sits on it each night before she gets in the shower she hasn’t shown too much interest.

In the past couple of weeks though we have been talking about a lot of things that will happen when she is three. She mentioned this week that when she was three she would pee in the toilet and wear big girl undies. Okay then!

So yesterday, when we were walking through a store and we passed the kids underwear like we’ve done a million times, I was somewhat surprised when she stopped me. Mumma, are those big girl undies? Yes. Can I have some? Sure Bubba.

So she picked out a pack of six, surprisingly they weren’t the most pink of the selections available, but they had a good dose of pink and a lot of hearts too.

When we got home she tried them on and walked around for a while. No accident, one I think I need to pee {although no outcome} and then, when it was time for her nap she told me she needed a nappy for sleep. Seems parenting by instinct is working for both of us so far!

What’s so funny you ask? This.

friday funny

The undies were out of the packet about 4 seconds before each of the dogs were posed the question: do you like your hat? At least Beary looks like he’s laughing.

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  1. Best. Hat. Ever. Good luck!

  2. aviets says:

    There’s nothing funnier than underwear on the head! 🙂
    -Amy at

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