Love Bug, is that you?

Making the most of our mini staycation {a vacation where you stay at home} Bubba and I met grandma in the city yesterday. We even took the bus!

When we were running around in Hyde Park, my Love Bug suddenly dropped to her knees.

Look Mumma, a Love Bug!

love bug 1

Love Bug, is that you?

love bug 2

Nothing wrong with her eyesight. Or her ability to seek out critters!

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  1. How cool!!!! Keep up the great posts our friend!!! One of our cats used to be called love bug… hehehe Collie Hugs for you all!!!

  2. She’s got a couple of advantages in finding LoveBugs – first of all she’s closer to the ground, and second of all – it takes one to know one!! 🙂 What a cutie!

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