One of *those* moments

After our recent successful trip to the cinema, I thought it might be time to share one of my favourite Disney movies with Love Bug: Lady and the Tramp {the most famous scene from which is probably when the fuzzy loves dine at Bella Notte}.

While teaching her the art of slurping spaghetti, I would often put one end in her mouth and one end in mine, then end up giving her a big kiss when we met in the middle. I’ve been telling her about this movie for a while.

one of those moments 1  one of those moments 2

So, when she settled down in her bean bag last night and watched, enthralled {as did Beary} barely moving the whole time, I had one of those moments as a mumma. A moment I was sharing something from my childhood and she was enjoying it so immensely.

Even if it meant she went to bed an hour late. What are weekends for after all?

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  1. Sweet. Beary is thinking, “I can’t wait till the next time Mumma cooks spaghetti!” Mmmmm.

  2. dogdaz says:

    Wonderful shots and sharing of the moment. I can’t wait for the pictures of the spaghetti slurping contest (hahahaha). Staying up late with Mom for fun times is definitely a good legal reason to go to bed late. – Lorian

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