Are you sure mumma?

If Love Bug asks me a question and the answer isn’t quite what she was hoping for, she’s taken to verifying my response.

The car
I hungry in the car. We don’t have any food in the car darling. Did you go shopping? Yes Love Bug. No snacks? No Love Bug. 

Are you sure mumma?

It’s time for bed Bubba. Are you going to bed mumma? No Love Bug I have to do some jobs first. I like you to sleep in my bed. I can hop in for a minute, but I can’t sleep in your bed, my legs are too long.

Are you sure mumma? {Dog forbid my legs should shrink!!}

Some time after 7pm
We have to make sure we go to bed on time tonight. Why mumma? Because the weekend is over and mumma has to go to work tomorrow.

Are you sure mumma? {Why, did I miss the phone call from the lotto people?}

are you sure mumma

She’s the cutest. Of that I’m sure!

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  1. There should always be snacks in the car…. Are you really REALLY sure?? Snacks are yummy.

    1. There ARE always snacks in the car, but when it’s close to dinner time I’m SURE there are none 😉

  2. Bassa's Blog says:

    Gorgeous photo – and, yes I am sure! 🙂

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