We’ve talked a lot about Love Bug’s Fairy Godmother {FGM} but today I had the joy of watching her and her FGF playing. Her Fairy Godfather is my lovely cousin.

Today he came to visit and after her initial three minutes of shyness, she just loved having him around. He {all 6’4″ of him} happily sat with her in front of her little kitchen and ate his dinner, until she announced: that’s enough dinner!

FGF then happily took her tiny offered hand to be led out to the deck once she proclaimed that’s enough dinner! Time for some drawing on the chalkboard.

Or rather time for Love Bug to direct, and her FGF to draw.


I adore the way she’s standing with her hand on his shoulder. I just missed getting a photo of her leaning on him with her arm wrapped around his. *sigh*

She put the finishing touches on their self-portrait, drawing a moon, some rain drops and some grass. All pink of course.

Then holding her hands out and giggling with delight when she realised she had chalk dust on her fingers.


I’m a very lucky cousin. And Love Bug is a very lucky Fairy Goddaughter!

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  1. They’re beautiful – in person AND in the drawing! So sweet.

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