Tasty Tuesday {cookies, energy balls + chocolate humus}

Love Bug and I spent more time in the kitchen testing new recipes than ever this week. I’ll share our photos, but will send you to the original sources for each of the recipes. And I’ll let you know what little tweaks we made to the original recipes.

Cookies for your fuzzy loves {peanut butter pumpkin treats}
It’s been a while since we made home-made treats for Bella and Beary. They seem pretty happy that we rectified that situation and if possible, I think they have followed me into the kitchen even more in the past couple of days! Oh, if you don’t have any oat flour, don’t worry. We didn’t either. We did have gluten-free oats though so I just blitzed them in the blender until it was flour.

  puppy cookies 2  puppy cookies 3  puppy cookies 4

Oatmeal banana cookies {gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, refined sugar-free}
The original recipe calls for half a cup of choc chips or chunks {or vegan chocolate} but as Love Bug isn’t a fan of chocolate, and mumma is trying not to, I made only one third of the batch with some cut up raw vegan dark chocolate. For me. One third I cut a handful of dried cranberries in half and added them in. The final third I cut up some organic dried apricots. And they’re all delicious. We used one and a half bananas {they were big bananas and my sous chef needed to eat some during prep} and half a cup of pureed apple {a staple in our fridge}.

oatmeal banana cookies

Chocolate humus {gluten-free, dairy free, nut free, refined sugar-free}
Yes, I did just type that: chocolate humus. It’s a thing peeps. And it’s made with black beans. I know you’re waving me away right now, but you need to trust me on this one. I was skeptical, but now I’m a believer. We used organic almond, brazil and cashew spread instead of peanut butter, raw cacao powder instead of cocoa, organic honey and I added an extra half teaspoon of vanilla bean paste. Oh, and we also used dates instead of raisins and used the water we’d soaked the dates in instead of milk. I feel like the black beans might be a little more obvious if you use raisins. But I haven’t tested it.

We dipped pieces of sliced fruit into the humus as an afternoon {morning/late night} snack. Such a versatile little recipe, I then used some of it to make …

  chocolate humus 3  chocolate hummus 2

Energy balls {gluten-free, refined sugar-free, dairy free, nut free}
We omitted the stevia from the original recipe and we used gluten-free oats. We also discovered that we didn’t have any sesame seeds so instead included two tablespoons of LSA. We also substituted cranberries for the raisins.in the end we rolled half in coconut.

energy balls 1 energy balls 2

Phew. That’s a LOT of new recipe testing! I’m planning a few new savoury dishes in the next week or so, now that I’ve got some sweets without refined sugar in my armory!

Happy snacking.

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  1. TheLoverList says:

    My stomach is talking to me. Must be time for lunch. The above sounds delicious!

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