Quick mumma, hide from the lion

Love Bug’s imagination has really kicked up a notch or ten in the past couple of weeks. I absolutely LOVE it! Last night when it was time for a shower, we detoured by mumma’s bed for a jump {what, isn’t that what you all do?}.

All of a sudden, she grabbed my hand. Quick mumma, hide from the lion. Come under here. Hold my hand. She pulled me under the covers in a fit of giggles. The tiger is coming too!

Curious as ever, Beary nudged his snout under the covers to find us. Mumma, it’s the LION! But what about Beary I asked. He IS the lion mumma!

Oh, hi lion! SO freaking cute.

Then she reached out and fluffed the fur up beneath his ears. Aw, he’s a friendly lion mumma. Hello lion, how are you today?

I could not make this up. Insane cuteness.

But what about the tiger Bubba? Here she is! Bella. Of course.

A lion & tiger - what more does a girl need?
A cape, a {camera-shy} lion & a tiger – what more does a girl need?

{On the subject of imagination: if this story about Dinovember hasn’t reached your social media feeds, do yourself a huge favour and read what these parents are doing. It’s RAWsome and we will definitely be participating next year!}

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  1. Nikki says:

    That is so beyond adorable!

  2. haileecbg says:


  3. She is so lovely as are the lion and tiger! Your blog makes me excited for the day when I too will be a mumma (fingers crossed) thank you!

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