But I want to be a Superhero

Love Bug has rediscovered the sleep sack. You know, the thing you put your wriggly little bubba in so they don’t get themselves all tangled in sheets but stay warm? She’s loving sleeping in hers again.

It also serves another purpose: it makes a great cape! Perfect when swooping in to save your mumma from the {friendly} lion and the tiger!

Last night she was keeping Gotham City our little home safe, flanked by her trusty lion and tiger pals . When it was time to read stories and get ready for bed I suggested we turn the cape back to its original use and zip her into it. She looked a little sad so I asked what was wrong.

but i want to be a superhero

But I want to be a Superhero mumma.

Let’s face it, the world could do with a gorgeous Superhero and her fuzzy sidekicks. I just wonder what their Superhero names would be?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Super-Sweetie-Pie?? Wonder-Love-Bug??

    1. Wonder Love Bug has a certain ring to it!

  2. One of the best superhero’s I’ve seen!

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