All wrapped up

No, this is not a Christmas post.

Neither is it a post about packing. Because I haven’t started yet. Tonight, I promise. I do have some boxes and I have bought packing tape, so I have kind of started.

Anyway, back to the true reason for today’s post: all wrapped up.

Love Bug’s cuggles of late have been strong, enthusiastic, never-want-to-let-you-go, all wrapped up together kind of cuggles. Also known as: heaven!

The other night she said to me thank you for giving me kisses mumma, I love you most of all. Yep. Luckiest. Mumma. Ever. *sigh*

She will lay down on me and squish me with a cuggle. If she thinks I’m moving away, she’ll grab my face in her hands, kiss me loudly then wrap her tiny arms around me and squeeze.

all wrapped up

Squeeeeeee. It’s such a happy place.

I know we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia, and I like to think that I practice giving thanks most days, but today I am extra thankful for my beautiful daughter who is so giving with her love.

Moon and back Love Bug.

{This photo is a couple of months old, my mumma took it and I’m so thankful she did. It’s so lovely to have a photo of an ordinary moment that’s not a selfie!}

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Great shot! Cuggles are the best. xo

  2. TheLoverList says:

    There is no better place on earth than in the arms of your Mumma. It’s a year today since we lost my Grandmother and I wish wish wish I could be with my mum today and have her in my arms.

  3. An absolutely beautiful photo.

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