Wordless Wednesday {handsome}

Beary went to the groomer yesterday. He came home a shadow of his former self and looks so little to me. It’s all relative, right? To everyone else he’s still a big bear!

I wanted photos.

wordless wednesday handsome 1 wordless wednesday handsome 2 wordless wednesday handsome 3 wordless wednesday handsome 4

He wanted the treat. A boy has limits.

wordless wednesday handsome 5

I always think he’s handsome {if you’ve been reading for a while you may remember this post}, and I tell him at least five times each day how gorgeous he is. But when he comes home from the groomer and he’s even softer and silkier than ever, I can’t help but gush more than usual. Even Love Bug couldn’t stop patting him and saying ooooh Bear Bear you’re soooooo soft and lovely.

Love you my favourite boy!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. TheLoverList says:

    Beautiful Beary. DOG love our groomers for making our furry kids look extra cuter.

  2. Gorgeous photos. Such a handsome boy. I think he was very patient. I mean, after all, Photos = Treats!

  3. Dalton says:

    He looks very handsome!!

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