Denial … not just a river in Egypt

I sit here surrounded by mountains of things to do. Metaphorical mountains mostly. The only physical mountain is the mountain of boxes already packed.

Although metaphorical, they are mountains no less. Mountains of washing. Mountains of cupboards to be sorted, packed and cleaned. Mountains of work to do before we close for Christmas break. Mountains of little jobs to do around this house. But I can’t move. Seems Denial. Apparently not just a river in Egypt!

I did spend longer than usual with my Bubba this afternoon. More, I spent more time actually holding her than I normally do {a happy aside}. We went to the market on our way home to get some milk. Although we didn’t need a cart, she wanted to sit in one of the smaller ones. Half way to the milk I remembered I needed a couple of things to make Christmas treats for her carers at kindy.

I found most of the things I wanted, but couldn’t find green and red sprinkles. I obviously said oh no or showed my disappointment somehow, because she reached up and pulled my arms around her.

Don’t worry my mumma, we will look together because I love you and you are my friend.

I thought the woman standing right beside us was going to cry. I nearly did! Then she wouldn’t let me go so I walked around the rest of the market bent over cuddling her and pushing the cart at the same time.

When we got home she told Bella and Beary that they were her friends and that we are lucky because we are all friends and we love each other all the time.

is she real

Seriously, is she real?

Best. Kid. Ever.

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  1. She’s a great “friend” to have!

  2. She really is so precious 🙂

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