Don’t bully my Bubba

This week I witnessed my Love Bug being bullied. And it broke my heart.


A little boy took her hat from her head and threw it on the ground. When she reached for it, he snatched it from her then took it to another part of the playground and threw it into a pipe and threw some leaves and dirt in for good measure.

I had just arrived as this was happening and could see through the fence and the trees, although neither of them could see me. I felt like I was walking in slow motion when all I wanted to do was leap over the fence and trees and swoop her up in my arms.

By the time I got to them, he was standing in front of the pipe arms crossed and shaking his head at her and she had huge fat tears streaming silently down her face asking for her hat back. I got to them at the same time as another responsible adult so she was able to speak to him. Despite the two adults in front of him, I was the one who eventually reached for the hat.

Love Bug was now sobbing so I scooped her into my arms and it was all I could do to not cry myself, or to yell at him don’t bully my Bubba.

Why is there always someone who thinks they can pick on someone else because they’re smaller? Where do they learn that behaviour at such a young age?

If only I could protect her from the meanies in the world.

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  1. That little bully has really gotten an early start on being mean. What a shocking and sad story. So lucky that you arrived when you did.

    1. I wished so much her brave fuzzy siblings had been with us!!

  2. knross says:

    ugh… this is one of my biggest fears. It will break my heart if my kid is treated badly by other kids

    1. Oh it’s awful. Not helped by the fact that she’s so little and shy.

  3. Bec Johnson says:

    This made me so sad and I know exactly how you felt. A boy at my son’s childcare last year had the nerve to punch him while he was standing right next to me. Thankfully one of the carer’s saw it and got on top of it because I would not have handled it as well as she did. A few weeks later I saw his parents and his terrible behaviour became clear. I so badly wish I could protect my babies from bullies, it is one of my biggest fears.

    1. Mine too B – it’s awful, and all we can do is try to equip them with the ability to say the other person’s behaviour is making them sad. Of course, being so shy, when Bubba and I had that conversation later she looked at me and said ‘but I just want you mumma’.

    2. I had the same thought re parents.

  4. Star says:

    I had tears in my eyes reading this. I hope your bubba was ok.

    1. Lots of extra kisses and cuggles. The dogs got loads of love as soon as we got home too! Fuzzy therapy 🙂

  5. Bongo says:

    I wish I could have been there to protect Love Bug. I would have given that bully what for for sure.

    1. When I was wishing Bella and Beary were with me when I picked her up, I did have a flash of all of her blog doggie friends being here too … imagine if you and Rumpy and Bassa and Cupcake were here 🙂

      1. … and all the Collies, 2 brown dogs, Misaki, Sage, the DogDaz crew, the Newfies – what a line up for protection detail! {I know I’m missing someone really obvious.}

      2. Bongo says:

        That bully would have never known what happened to him – and he probably would have been Love Bug’s best friend after that.

  6. Poor Bubba. 😦 Here’s to a brand new day where hats aren’t trampled and meanies aren’t mean.

    1. Thanks, she had a good day today 🙂

      1. Wonderful! Here’s to more good days!

  7. bea says:

    Lovebug is on the right end of that confrontation, take heart, you’re teaching resilience and empathy. I don’t know where to begin to untrain a bully?!. Scary prospect for the bully he’s missing key life skills and that gap will just get wider as he gets older. Must show double the love to bullies who are toddlers, it’s not too late!

    1. His parents really need to be the ones to show double love too!

  8. Dalton says:

    Want me to put the bitey on him??

    1. Ah, I knew I forgot someone in the fuzzy protection pack 😉

  9. Misaki says:

    Oh noes, you should definitely take Bella and Beary with you to pick her up next time, then maybe that kid would think twice

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