Does anyone else want to slap them?

For fear of Love Bug being shunned from the cartoon community {or any future musical/stage show I may have to suffer through} I won’t name and shame the guilty parties. Before I get to the point I will say that there are no commercial cartoons shown in our home. Screen time is also limited.

Here’s my beef: upstart, know-it-all, precious, goody-two-shoes cartoon characters.

I mean come on people. As IF anyone is that filled with the goodness of the world and knows so much about so many things. I know, I’m being a little vague but just spend a couple of hours watching programs aimed at preschoolers and you’ll know what I mean. Have you endured that? Then tell me: does anyone else want to slap them?

Sure, there’s a moral to every story, but is it possible that story be conveyed without such saccharine? Or am I just getting old? {Best not to answer that last one. It was rhetorical.}

pluto - not the offending cartoon. obviously.
not the offending cartoon. obviously.

Bring back Wacky Racers I say. Which was at least 10 years into repeats before I saw it of course.

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  1. dogdaz says:

    How about little bear or pooh? Yes they are all very sweet.

  2. I always hoped that Tom would catch Jerry he was such an annoying little……!

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