What did you do before 7am today?

By the time 7am rolled around this morning, Love Bug had sat on the kitchen bench and I’d painted her nails. Not one colour, but a rainbow manicure. Naturally.

We then sat down for breakfast. Not just any old porridge, no.

Squirrel specifically requested blueberry porridge this morning. With honey. And a little cinnamon.

About half way through, Squirrel thought he might like some cranberries as well.

What did you do before 7am today?

The gift of not having to rush us out the door right now {thanks not having a job to get to by a certain time!} is the ability to be present in these small moments. To watch the joy on her face as she decides which nails should be painted what colour. To actively listen to the conversation as she shares her breakfast with Squirrel.

To watch her pat and snuggle our precious pup pals. To be wrapped up in a stacks on cuddle with Love Bug, Bella and Beary.

A perfect start to our day. I hope you find perfect moments to enjoy in your day too.

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  1. I love this! I have just resigned from my position and am looking forward to having some months off before my own love bug starts school next year!!!! These moments are precious and all too often we miss them with our busy lives!

  2. Sweet way to start the day. Enjoy it!

  3. If only we didn’t have to earn money!! Sounds like a brilliant start to the day

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