These boots are made for walking

On closer inspection this morning of the stomp stomp stomping in our hallway, this was the site that greeted me.


Yes, she looks cute in my boots. She does look a little cheeky. She also looks a lot stubborn. Stubborn is definitely something we’ve been dealing with in vast quantities.


These boots sure were made for walking, and sometimes I feel like they’re walking all over mumma!

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  1. dogdaz says:

    Ah yes, I remember that stage. Patience. Pick your fights and be consistent.Figure out what is worth enforcing and what you can let her have independence on ( which I think, from your blogs, you already do). Love the boots.

    1. I am learning to pick my fights and we’re using 1, 2, 3 then she gets a time out. It’s so tricky some days though, especially if I’m tired {ha ha, that’s all the time really!}.

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