I did it myself mumma

There may be kids who are Love Bug’s age who have been doing these things for months.

There are no doubt kids her age who haven’t reached this milestone yet and won’t for a while.

For us, though, it’s been a big two weeks!

Last week in the shower she told me she could wash her self. My all self mumma, you can just sit here and chat to me.


Sure it is inevitable. She’s been helping me wash her since she could. Yes I’m proud. Of course it’s super cute that she narrates as she washes.

But still. She’s my bubba.

This morning I was in my room getting ready and I heard her coming down the hall. The odd part of that scenario is that she was in her pyjamas when I last walked through the lounge room not long ago. Pyjamas with feet built in. Fabric feet that don’t make a sound padding down the hallway.

She bounced into my room beaming. Look, I did it all myself mumma!

Sure enough she was dressed head to toe, everything on the right way and shoes on the correct feet. I am a clever big girl now mumma. Sometimes you can help me if you like.

I picked her up, swung her around and did a little happy dance, telling her how proud I was of her.



Inside I shed a few tears.

Because she’s my bubba!

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  1. Such a big girl, but yes – valid inside tears….

  2. Belinda says:

    Sweet beautiful big girl. Our gorgeous just Miss 8 told me who nearly stands as tall as me now, told me last week that a boy asked her if she would like to be another boys girlfriend. Whaaaat? She is my bubba – and even when she is taller than me, she will still be my bubba, and then when she is probably looking after me, she will still be my bubba. Time is too short. Soaking up every moment I can. x

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