This is part of a bigger drawing created by Love Bug while I was preparing our dinner one night this week.

She has only just started drawing shapes that resemble {with a little explanation from the artist to guide your eye!} what they are.

The full drawing was mumma, Bella and Beary on mumma’s bed waiting for Bubba to choose stories to read.

According to the artist, the line out to the side of my body is my arm, ready to cuddle Love Bug. My hair is out.

What’s that squiggly bit in the middle?


She looked at me as if to wonder why I needed clarification.

That’s your very beautiful tummy mumma. That’s where I used to be.


My own body image has been slowly shifting {with a lot of internal work}. I know that the best way to help her grow and love herself is by example.

It is where you used to be my love. How lucky am I that my tummy could be your home while you grew.

Then I leaned in and blew a big raspberry on her tummy. You have a very beautiful tummy too darling girl.

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  1. Who knew that squiggly bit was such a critical part of the project – but whoa – is it ever!!

  2. rumpydog says:

    Yeah, she’s got plenty of time to learn to hate her body….. let her learn to love awhile first.

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