I love you guys

Tonight Love Bug said to me mumma I like you and I love you too.

As if that little pearl wasn’t enough, I was sitting on the floor giving Bella a cuddle and she came over to us and wrapped her arms around us: I love you guys.

As mentioned yesterday, last night I had a tough evening at the mumma office. Tonight we were having a chat and a cuddle on the couch. It was a bit after her bedtime, but not too much. She said that she wasn’t tired and she didn’t want to go to bed.

I took this photo approximately 60 seconds later.

I love you guys Ah kids and their FOMO. It’s very cute.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Glad you had a better day yesterday.

  2. Sasha says:

    They know exactly how to melt our hearts and make everything right with the world once more!

    1. Fear of missing out 😉

      1. Dalton says:

        Thanks. Obviously I knew that but typist was a little confused

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