Under the flight path

We live under the flight path of the busiest airport in our country. Sometimes I notice the planes, particularly if it’s windy and more flights are using that runway.

Last night though, with the news of the MH17 tragedy, I heard every plane. This morning the earliest arrivals woke me. I couldn’t help but feel every family’s slightly anxious anticipation – and their extra joy at holding their loved ones close. Arrivals halls all around the world will be scenes of extra love today. Tears and love.

As I snuggled back under the warm covers, wedged into bed by my three loves my thoughts turned to all of those families who will never hold their loved ones again. And to their fuzzy family loves … who will never know why their precious friends didn’t come home. Tears. And extra loves for my loves.

Peace: such a simple concept but so difficult for humans to achieve. I saw somewhere once {if I could remember where, I’d reference it here} a mathematical equation:

PI {peace in} + PO {peace out} = World Peace {sustainable}

We need to find forgiveness and peace within ourselves for this to ever be achievable, so my challenge for each of you today is this: try to find peace within today.

peace - marvin gaye

Then give your loved ones a big squeeze.

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  1. Sage says:

    Such a senseless tragedy…

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