Tasty Tuesday {OPR}

OPR: Other. People’s. Recipes.

Grumph! Seriously.

In the past week I have followed to the letter two sugar free sweets recipes from sites and authors who have made a LOT of money by charging for their recipes and programs. Both recipes failed. I mean, they were edible, but only if desperate. They certainly weren’t things I’d consider treats. One was quite tricky, although it was suggested as easy. And I cook!

A little search on the interwebs after these failures found that a number of other people had posed questions about the tricky one in particular. The ingredients list didn’t match the method, the volumes in the ingredients list didn’t match the method. I have never claimed that my recipes were perfect, but if I was to start charging money for them, I can assure you I’d have them proof read and proof cooked by a few different parties before putting them out into the world. Okay, rant over.

Which leaves us here: despite thinking I’d have not one but two things to share with you this week, I will spare you the disappointment, and instead point you back to these little beauties.

Tasty Tuesday {OPR}

This recipe is in fact an OPR, but it’s my friend Emma’s recipe. Tried and tested. I’m going to make a batch tonight. Then I’ll have something other than mildly-flavoured cardboard to snack on!


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  1. Nikki says:

    Yum!!! That is just what i need right now, can’t wait to give them a try, thanks 🙂

  2. Valid rant. They’re missing the point of writing a recipe! GAH!

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