From the back seat

A couple of bubba-isms to brighten your mid week. With a bonus one to make you realise that parenting is all about having no shame, no secrets, and no privacy.

Love Bug has recently been very firm with her love. She’ll hold my face in her hands really tight and make this funny stern face and say grrrrrrrr. Not in a mean, I’m being a monster way. More like I’ve got so much of something here and I don’t know what to do with it way. Then, a couple of days ago, it happened. She was holding my face then quite roughly threw her arms around my neck and squeeeeeeeeeeeezed.

Mumma, I squish you I love you so much.

Sound familiar

Sitting on the couch after dinner discussing lunch at kindy. I a vegarian what are you mumma? I’m a vegetarian too bubba.

You’re my favourite vegarian mumma.

From the back seat

And this clanger from the back seat, seemingly out of nowhere while driving home from kindy: What colour poo do you do in the toilet? 

I almost hit the car in front of me. From who did you play with today to this?

The mind boggles!

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  1. You didn’t hit the car in front – I think that’s the sign you are officially a mumma! As a none mumma I would have definitely hit at least the car in front if not the two in front of that!!

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