How’s you?

Today is R U OK? day in Australia. The R U OK? Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation asks Australia to be even better mates to end suicide. There are almost 2,500 suicides in Australia each year. We have one of the highest rates of youth suicide in the western world, and yet we are often referred to as The Lucky Country.

I have written about my struggle with anxiety a number of times. At a recent visit with my doctor we talked about the asteroid that hit my little world in January and about the fact that the issue has been extended until at least February next year, despite my expectation that we would have some kind of closure by now.  She advised that I stay on my medication. Given my nightmares, sleep issues and general anxiousness around it, I agreed with her that it is a good idea. So for the next five months at least, I’m going to take a little pill each morning and that will help me deal with that anxiety.

Just like if I had a problem with any other part of my body.

How's you?

Got a sore foot? Here, take this treatment for six months. We wouldn’t give it a second thought, would we? So it should be with mental health.


If you’re great, that’s fabulous. If you’re not-so-great, please reach out. It’s not always obvious from the outside. Reach out to me, to someone close to you, to your doctor, or to one of the many help lines available.

Someone will be glad you did.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

On this anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, I will take some extra time today to treasure my people, my pets and my freedom. I’m reading a book at the moment about a dog who saved more than her companion that day. Not a search and rescue dog, Roselle is Michael’s Guide Dog. Thunder Dog is a great reminder of the selflessness of animals. The kind of selflessness from which we could all learn a lesson.

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  1. dogdaz says:

    You are so right. Hidden hurts don’t make them any the less important or painful. Good for you for taking good care of yourself. My 9/11 post will also talk about the animal heros of the day.

  2. Sounds like a good book. I just ordered the sample for my Kindle. And bracing myself for tomorrow. Such a scary, sad day.

  3. Becky says:

    I thought “Thunder Dog” was a great book. It really takes an insider view of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan during the years Michael was there. I recommended it to my sister with caveats and when your readies. She lost her son to suicide 2 years ago as a result of untreated PTSD from his years there. We need to help our veterans!

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